7 September (Live)
8 September (Repeat)

SACMI Lab, your perfect
partner for ceramic technology
innovation and new product

7 September (Live)
8 September (Repeat)

With over 30,000 raw materials and 20,000 mixture recipes developed for its customers all around the world, the SACMI Laboratory is the ideal global partner for ceramic process innovation and new product development.

The sixth meeting held during the International Ceramic Innovation Days event will offer an in-depth look at the Laboratory and the advanced assistance, training and technological consulting services.

Over 40 years of history, advanced instrumentation, and partnerships with major Italian and European universities and research institutes have rendered this structure a unique global supplier of ceramic technology.

The focus will be on the comprehensive technological know-how, the raw materials and mixtures, the industrial tests, the sampling, and the broad range of specialized training and on-site assistance services offered.

The goal is to offer customers excellent investment security and guaranteed quality, productivity and yields, even for the development of new products, and in synergy with SACMI's new molding, glazing and digital decoration solutions.

Simultaneous translations will be available in 7 languages:

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7 September (Live)
8 September (Repeat)


07 / 09

4.00 PM CEST (Live)

08 / 09

9.00 AM CEST (Repeat)


  • Investment security
  • Improved productivity and yields
  • Accelerate new product development
  • Control of raw material costs


  • 5 thousand square meters, 25 highly qualified technicians
  • Pilot plant and advanced instrumentation
  • Accreditation with the National research LAB Register, worldwide projects and partnerships


  • Comprehensive technological know-how
  • Specialized training
  • On-site assistance


  • New product design and development
  • Integration with digital molding, decoration and glazing technologies

7 September (Live)
8 September (Repeat)


Riccardo Corradini

Director & Product

Tiles Business Unit

Andrea Bresciani

Tile Division Technology
Service Manager

Tiles Business Unit

Marco Marfisi

Technological Know-how

Tiles Business Unit

7 September (Live)
8 September (Repeat)


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